Salt Lake Comic Con 2013


Congratulations Salt Lake City for hosting such a fun and successful Comic Con! I had a blast. The organizers did a great job, the vendors had very cool things for me to see and buy, and it did me good to see so damn many fans.

Whew, what a crazy time. I’m kinda worn out and don’t really feel like going through all of my photos, so I’ll just post this picture of Gandalf because I’ve always liked him so much (and he looks so great under the heating ducts and florescent lights!). I’ll also post this picture of Nova, because he was the last superhero I expected to run into and it made me happy to see him.

I’m not sure what the official or exact attendance numbers were for the convention, but I heard that Thursday had somewhere around 40,000 people, Friday had 50,000 and Saturday was somewhere around 65,000. Not bad for the first year! From what I saw, I believe it. One of the people who was working at the Con also told me they had to turn away thousands of people who were waiting outside to get in because the Salt Palace just couldn’t accommodate any more (which really sucks). But the success also means that another convention next year is extremely likely. I look forward to seeing ya’all again then!

Geek Out x 2!!


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