2750349-promethea_poster_1Promethea is another comic series that might suit your mood this time of year. It’s not really horror or anything, but there is plenty of supernatural in there. That’s what it is all about, and I love it!

The comic was written by Alan Moore (a favorite!), illustrated by J.H. Williams III (an amazing, amazing artist!) and inked by Mick Grey… so very much talent went into the creation of this series.

The story is about the goddess Promethea, who is a sort of personification of the imagination. Every generation or so, Promethea is reborn and takes on a new human host, usually a woman (an artist, a poet, or something like that) although one time she was a man. In this specific story Promethia is reborn and embodied as Sophie Bangs, although previous incarnations of Promethea also appear prominently in the comic as well, helping and training Sophie.

promethea23They train Sophie by teaching her about different forms of Western esoteric magic and mysticism like the tarot, Tree of Life/Kabbalah, and how to bring forth the imagination and make it real (the comic is a good introduction to these concepts too). Sophie/Promethea travel through the imagination to other dimentions, meeting gods, gaining knowledge. Of course, there are demonic beings hunting her down too, demons who want to keep the status quo and don’t want Sophie to realize her true potential and destiny. Wow! Pretty dramatic! But very well done.

*(Spioler?)* And, it is her destiny to bring about the apocalypse. But not the apocalypse we’ve always been told of in church… the original meaning of the word apocalypse was “to bring knowledge, uncover truth, a disclosure of something hidden.” Scary!

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