Marmalade City Library


I’m a nerd for books, I admit it. I probably already have way too many myself, but I still plan on getting many many more.

Even though I love having my own personal library, it makes me so very happy to know that in a few days I’ll have access to thousands of additional books just a short walk down the street at the new Marmalade City Library.

It also makes me happy to see this library has finally come together and is completed. Plans were originally announced around 2004 or so, with groundbreaking expected to begin in 2008. But then the world changed, the economy collapsed and… we all know the rest of the story and the fun times we’ve had ever since. But the city has finally been able to build the new library and it’s doors open this weekend. More details below… w00t w00t!


Celebrate the opening of the Library’s newest location, the Marmalade Branch! The Grand Opening celebration will begin at 10am on Saturday, February 27 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and remarks from city officials. Activities suitable for all ages will continue throughout the day.

The Marmalade Branch is located at 280 West 500 North in Salt Lake City. For more information about the branch, click here.

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