Happy Easter!

"Virgin of the Rocks" by Leonardo da Vinci, 1483–1486

“Virgin of the Rocks” by Leonardo da Vinci, 1483–1486

I suppose I should post a painting of Jesus’ resurrection instead of this picture, but I’m pretty partial to Leonardo Da Vinci‘s “Virgin of the Rocks”.

Happy Easter

Even More Birds (In The Face!)


I started drawing these strange birds with sort-a human faces embedded into the feathers two or three years ago and have always meant to do more with the idea. Rework the drawings somehow and make them into a of flock or murder.

I’ve finally gotten back  to that, and this here bird is the first bird of that flock. I did this in Adobe Illustrator, and wanted to give the bird a woodblock kind of look. I still have more birds to do, and I probably won’t keep posting the individual birds, but I will post again one the flock is complete and flying together.

In the meant time, I hope you enjoy 🙂

My Gift to Catherine Anna

This is Catherine Anna.

Catherine Anna 2

I was honored to be chosen to make her christening gown. The dress is finished and turned out better than I expected.


I made a video for Catherine to keep about my inspirations and the symbolism I incorporated into design.  You can watch it too.


Catherine has my name inside out (coincidence) and she lives in Chicago. She’s my God niece. In the end, her dress will look like this, unless her family opts not to sew their boutineeres onto it.


Here’s the Russian pattern that I modified, I couldn’t read a word of it, but I looked at the images. I used colors that are more Scandinavian and Hungarian.

Christening Dress starting point

I love you Catherine! Wear your new dress in good health!

Clap Sing Stomp and Scream Belly Dance Hafla

Please join The Rubber Room School of Dance as we celebrate the close of  the first decade of my marriage to danse du ventre, and say opa to all of the songs that lie ahead as I begin the second decade of life as a tribal girl.

I have so much gratitude for the beautiful women and men who have joined my classes, allowing their hips to swing as the drums beat.

RSVP for the hafla at https://www.facebook.com/events/598134116913327/


Cute Do-it-yourself Spring Flip Flops!

We are glad Rachel Hayes of Cherries and Feathers will be joining us here on ArtDuh and writing about some of her crafting ideas. Check out her first tutorial:

1) Cut a strip of fabric at least 60-70 inches long and 1-2 inches wide.

2)Fold the strip in half

Step 3

Step 3

3)Place the fold under the “v” point of the flip flop and pull both ends of the fabric through the loop of the fold. Pull taut. You now have your strip secured to the sandal.

Step 4

Step 4

4)Begin wrapping each long end of the fabric around each strap of the sandal until the straps are covered.

Step 5

Step 5

5)The remaining long ends of the fabric are crossed behind the heel, wrapped around the ankle and tied to secure.

Rachel's Shoes

Rachel’s Shoes

Make Belly Dance Your New Year’s Resolution


Anna Banarama, director of the Rubber Room School of Dance and Flexibility, is accepting beginning belly dance students. Her introductory class is being offered at 10:45 a.m. at the Salt Lake Arts Hub starting Sunday, January 13. The cost is $7 per class. The length of the class will depend on student progress, but it normally lasts 6 weeks.

Other class times are available, including a class taught by Anna on SLCC’s Redwood campus on Tuesdays. If you are interested, please drop a note to artduh@gmail.com, Facebook Anna Banarama, or fill out and send back the form at the bottom of this post.

The Salt Lake Arts Hub
663 W 100 S
Salt Lake City, UT

About Anna Banarama
Anna has belly danced for 10 years, and taught since 2007. She loves teaching kids, teens, and parent/child pairs, as well as mature adults. Her classes include beginning, intermediate, veil, improvisation, and urban tribal lessons. Anna directs the performing dance company, The Fourteenth Ward of the Rubber Room, a company exclusively for women over age 30, which formed in 2010. Prior to that, she danced with Desert Journey’s Troupe Sekmet and Dragomi, as well as Transfusion Hype’s hip hop and break dance company. She has taken workshops from Rachel Brice, Unmata, Moria Chappell and members of Fat Chance Belly Dance. She excels at costume design, and created a costume for Moria Chappell, who wore it on a Belly Dance Super Star Tour in Paris and Bangkok. Anna is an Urban Tribal Fusion dancer, and she has personalized this style by adding modern, hip hop and performance art. She has her own style of tribal leading, developed in collaboration with her company members, which uses 90’s hip hop music. She is known for her physical flexibility, collaborative personality, discipline and creative use of music and costuming.

Request more Belly Dance Information