Hey Fool!

"The Fool", The Medieval Scapini Tarot

“The Fool”, The Medieval Scapini Tarot

I’ve been posting different images of The Hermit from various tarot decks on or around New Years for the last few years, because The Hermit has always reminded me of father time. The movement from one year to the next.

This year though, I think it is more appropriate to post an image of The Fool. This Fool is getting ready for a new journey out into the unknown, with all of his possessions slung over his shoulder, and some weird-ass dog/lion/cat/hybrid/deal-ie-o biting him on the butt and pulling his pants down.

Yep, that seems better and more accurate 🙂

… so long 2016. There were some good things about ya for sure, but overall, you were a mean son-of-a-bitch.

Happy New Year!


Hello! I Luv U


This year Sapphron and Scout wanted to give Warm Winter Wishes…

Happy Holidays!

Frida Calavera

Frida Calavera

To help celebrate these glorious Days of the Dead, it seems like a good time to revisit the work of Jose Pulido and post his Frida Calavera (above).

Happy New Year!


I’ve said before that the Hermit Tarot card always reminds me of Father Time, winding down the old year, and bringing in the New Year. I’ll post another Hermit this year, this time from Led Zeppelin IV (which is basically the Hermit from the Rider Tarot Deck), and wish you a very Happy New Year!