Saphron Sky


We brought our new bird, “Saphron (spelling intentional 🙂 )Sky”, home last Sunday and she is such a beauty. Today, I just want to post her picture because I just think she is the best.

My Pal Loki


My boy Loki passed away yesterday. I am not one to grieve in public, let alone online, but even though I have other things I could write about Loki is pretty much what I am thinking on. I miss him.

He was a very old boy. I got him in 1998, and he lived until yesterday, 07/12/14. So he was at least 16 when he passed away, but he was also full grown when I got him, so it is possible he was 17 or older. I took him to the vet a couple of years ago, and he told me Loki’s breed never lives past 11 or 12. He was some sort of Rottweiler mix… with maybe some Shepherd in there? Or he could have been a Lab mix too. His personality kind of reminded me of a Lab anyway.

I remember when I first met him at the SLC Humane Society we went out back to play ball. He was more interested in sniffing the perimeter of the fence than the tennis ball, but we still had fun and I knew he was my dog. When I went back to adopt him a few days later, he was so excited to see me he jumped into my lap and pee’d on my leg. Ha! Since then we’ve played hours and hours of Frisbee and fetch, spent years walking and hiking around, went on a few really good trips together, or just chilled out at home. He has been a constant companion for the whole 16 years I have had him. Like I say, I miss him so much.

Yesterday, after he passed, one of my other dogs came running up to me to say hello and get petted. I swear I saw Loki running up to me behind her too. But he wasn’t there. But he was. But he wasn’t. But deep down I really think he was.

I keep expecting to see him laying on his dog bed, but then remember he isn’t around anymore.

I don’t really talk about it, but I believe in reincarnation. Just a very strong feeling I have deep down in my heart. I guess me an a couple billion other people do, so I am in good company. Anyway, I guess I want to tell my boy Loki that I hope to see him again in this world, but if I don’t, I’ll look for him in the next.

I drew the picture of Loki (below) a couple of years ago. I know it is kinda cheesy, but I like it. To me, it shows Loki’s personality really very well. Plus, I remember that exact scene playing out. Loki jumping up all happy like that when a bird flew overhead.

I love ya Loki


Hair Stylist to the Canine Stars

I have a little fantasy that someday I’m going to go to hair school. I think I have some apptitude for that kind of work. My favorite “person” to practice my hair cuts on is my dog, Scout. The inspiration for this look is a haircut Denise Huxtable (played by Lisa Bonet) had on The Cosby Show at some point in the 1980s. What do you think? Not bad for someone with zero training, right?

Where is he now?

A few months ago we blogged about a cute shop dog named Sampson. Sampson works with and lives with Barton Moody, a super cool SLC accountant.

But the question is – where is Sampson now since we blogged about him last fall?

It seems our blog inspire local artist, Randy Rasmussen, to paint a portrait of the cute pooch. The portrait sits in Barton’s office.

If you haven’t gotten your taxes done yet, give Barton a call. Sampson will keep you company while Barton crunches your numbers. I just did mine, and I won’t lie. It’s a really fun time.

Duh Official ArtDuh Christmas Card

2012 Best in show Holiday Card by Todd Powelson

Happy holidays! Todd’s 2011/2012 design celebrates that God blessed us with an additional terrier this year. God loves terriers, and a matched set of terriers brings extra blessings- like half eaten kleenexes, fights over toys and extra poop.

Have a great Christmas and may you meet all your goals in the New Year, as well as have a fantastic time.

Love, Anna, Todd, and too many pets to list

The Circle of Life

Armor of GAWD

Armor of GAWD

Big Head

Big Head

It’s been six years since my first pet as an adult, an Airedale Terrier named Mimi died. She was my social lubricant, 99% of my friends were her friend first. She was my cross fit gym, my workouts weren’t just trail runs, but trail runs accompanied by the rhythmic squeaking of a stupid carrot toy.  Airedales hate anything that feels like work, but she did love her carrot. She was my fashion accessory, too. I know the hard core dog people will find this irksome, but there is something about walking a dog so beautiful that traffic stops. Everyone seems to look at you and sing: “She’s got legggggs! Sheer energy legggs!”

And the circle of life goes on. I have Amy Wicks, City Council Woman in Ogden, and Airedale owner to thank for finding my new friend. Amy told me a 14 month old “little” Airedale boy was homeless in Idaho Falls. Within just a couple of hours of hearing about him I got in my car and I drove. I left at four p.m., got him, and was back in the SLC about 9 a.m. I witnessed a heart-breaking parting, his owner was a good guy, but couldn’t afford to keep and house the pup. His loss is my gain. Jared had taken him through the hard part – the crying at night, teething and housebreaking. Terriers are not easy to house train.

I’m glad he is a boy, because if he weren’t I know I would drift back in time and mistake him for Mimi. He spooks just like her, like a horse. He leans like her – leaning on a human’s legs is the highest compliment in big dog language. He plays like her, big paws punching me in the face. He sniffs crotches just like her, no hesitation, wet nose all the way up. Just like Mimi, he is the official welcome wagon of the dog park, smoothing out conflict to prevent fights and being the “rabbit.” He relies on brawn and bravery to “win” the games rather than speed, a tactic I thought was all Mimi.

And like Mimi, we named him a name that no one else likes. His name is Armor-of-God Sampson Horatio West. Armor-of-God is a character in an Orson Scott Card book I read when I was 12. Horatio, of course, was Hamlet’s best friend. And Sampson was his original name, which we liked, but it seemed a bit too obvious. You can call him Armor, or Army, or dipshit. If you look at him and smile when you say it, he will prance on over.

I’m grateful that his original owner is still involved. I text him photos and he is going to visit over the holidays. Army is taller and thinner than he was two months ago when we brought him home. His physical stamina is improved. He is a beautiful boy who always needs a bath. I have to admit, I feel so much more like myself with a sexy, bad ass dog at my side. It feels so right. That said, you never, ever forget your first love.  I think of “Big Orange” the original often, especially when I watch my tall, curly friend bounding ahead.

Leaping Airedales

Leaping Airedales

I’m a dog I’m a workin dog I’m a hard workin dog

Sampson Working

Sampson Working

I met a working dog not long ago.

He’s not a cow dog. He’s not a rolling over dog. And he’s not a watch dog.

He’s an accounting assistant! Now that’s a recession proof choice, boy. Good boy!

The dog’s name is Sampson. And he’s very cute. And he doesn’t crunch numbers. What he does, when people come to the accounting office where he works is this – he says hi. He lap sits, and he licks their hands. Sounds like a job I could do. Do you think they have any openings?

Sampson Sampan Ampersand is Barton Moody’s dog. Barton is living the dream in a historic duplex at 9th and 9th where he does taxes. Barton does taxes for a lot of artsy fartsy people like me and Todd.

Here’s the story of how Sampson found his job, and his forever home:

“I met Sampson on the shoulder of a guy that I barely knew and I fell in love instantly. He was just barely weaned and I said to this guy (whose name I don’t even remember) ‘If it doesn’t work, let me know.’ The next day I received a phone call from the guy and this unnamed dog evidently had spent the entire night destroying the guy’s girlfriends shoes. ‘It is me or the dog’, said she.  Now, after a few pair of shoes and glasses, the problem is now regulated to the past.

Sampson comes from dachshund and shiatsu roots. He is an elongated beastie and he can curl around upon himself, hence “ampersand”. His middle name is from the Sampan restaurant, which was the take out treat at the time. We are more Chanon Thai folks, now. But, Sampson’s favorite food is the jellybean. He likes meats and cheeses, like dogs do. But when I go for the jellybean jar on my desk, he is right there.”

Sampson is a good boy, and maybe around tax season you will look Barton up, take your receipts over, and get introduced.