Your Dog Could be this Happy – Choose Anna’s Affordable In-Home Pet Sitting

Happy Muppets 2


Young HomosexualsIn home pet sitting services are offered by Anna West and her team of 3 canine entertainers and human helpmate, Todd.

Services include:

  • Boarding at just $19 per night (36 percent less than the average Salt Lake facilities)*
  • Regular exercise
  • Feeding (please bring the food, its best for your pet’s tummy to keep him or her on the same food she is used to)
  • Separate accommodations from other animals if needed
  • Nearly constant human companionship
  • Fashion consultation
  • Entertainment

Cowboy SharkieAdd on services include:

  • Rides to airport for humans (rates depending on distance)
  • Bathing
  • Refreshing hygienic ear spritzer and massage
  • Mani/pedi
  • Sports massage
  • Transport to vet for preventative care
  • Housebreaking assistance
  • Socialization
  • Dog park visits and walking
  • Other, by request


Text or call (801) 505-8223 or email

“Anna helped me with my little yorkie on weekends during her first year of life. She helped me house train her and dog sat her frequently. Because Nala is so tiny (weighing only a few pounds as an adult), Anna kept her separate from her larger dogs. I really trusted that she was safe and loved.”

–Cher Callaway

“I work remotely from Colorado part of the time, and my girlfriend works crazy and long hours as a resident pediatrician in SLC. It can be complex having a pup. One night, our pooch, Beans, let himself out of the backyard. Anna & Todd thought nothing of heading over to rescue him (in a thunderstorm, no less) and kept him for the night. They have loved and cared for him on numerous subsequent occasions. Beans absolutely loves playing with their pooches and Anna & Todd too. They do an extraordinary job with our Beansie. He is very well loved, and safe. We are so fortunate to have Anna & Todd to rely upon!”

–Michael Turner

About –

Happy ScoutAnna grew up bouncing around the Western U.S. with the important jobs of camp cook and junior medic in the family back and horse packing operation. She was raised in part, by a blue heeler named Pants, midwifed Australian Shepherds, and helped care for quarter horses, mules and a Tennessee walking horse. She is now involved in doggy rescue for 2 breeds known for their hard heads and training challenges, Airedale and Welsh Terriers. She is dog mom to 10-year-old mixed breed terrier, Cowboy; 4- year-old Airedale, Armor; and her “heart doggie”, 9-year-old Welsh Terrier, Girlscout. Anna participates daily in online forums on dog training, medical, nutrition and rescue issues. In addition to being a hardcore animal enthusiast, Anna loves science, the arts and fitness. She teaches part time as an adjunct professor at Salt Lake Community College, a job that offers a schedule Cowboy, Armor and Scout approve. She holds an M.S. in Health Education from Utah State University.

* Special situations may require additional costs. We reserve the right to refuse services to unvaccinated, ill or aggressive animals.

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