Why PR?

PR, or public relations is a term that gets thrown around a lot. For instance “That’s good PR,” is tossed out when a client shares a positive story with a friend. Or “That’s bad PR,” is offered when a customer service rep leaves a bad impression. These common and vague uses of the term PR are confusing. So let’s define it. PR is effort to get you, your brand, your spokespeople, your event, your work into the news. News means journalists including TV, newspaper, magazines, blogs and radio. So how do you break into the tight network of skeptical journalists?

PR is important for your brand because, in a world of infomercial-style sales fatigue, it’s a soft-sell approach to building awareness of your efforts. Most of the time, PR articles and appearances are free of charge, however you need a well-connected expert to get you in the news and keep you there on a regular basis. From thought leader efforts to event pre-publicity, PR is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies available.

Anna West, a PR pro, is currently accepting freelance clients. She offers a for-profit as well as a non-profit rate and an ala cart menu. In addition, she is an expert media trainer. So if the thought of appearing on TV makes your palms sweat, take a deep breath, because with Anna’s help you will know all the tricks of the trade in no time. To get in touch for a PR consultation, drop Anna a note at

Work Samples: | Utah Computer Company’s Own Economic Development Program Offers Equipment to Help Survivors of Torture and War Trauma Find Jobs | Spring Fashion Stroll | Get Your Craft On At Craft Lake City

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